Total and also expert service in realising lighting jobs

we will certainly pick one of the most appropriate options as well as finest lights based upon the type of building or framework Service warranty
5-year service warranty for our products and dependable measurement of lights parameters after

5-year guarantee for our products as well as reliable dimension of illumination parameters after installment.

We Will certainly Give You With
one of the most appropriate job service
calculation of energy demands and prices
technical paperwork
measurement of illumination criteria after installation

Provision of Task Paperwork
Suitable paperwork for becoming aware a lights job is a building job in electronic form (e.g. DWG), or, in the case of easier frameworks, a drawing of the room or picture documents with measurements. It is additionally advised to provide a description of the room (whether it is, as an example, a store, manufacturing hall, office etc.), its present lights (if any kind of) and demands for the brand-new lighting.

Call Specialists
Universal: projekty@emos.eu
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Services available

Lighting Calculation
We are able to produce a complete custom lighting plan in accordance with legitimate standards or defined requirements lighting computations are done specifically in Dialux software results of illumination computations performed in accordance with called for Czech requirements (using factor by point approach) for individual spaces consisting of computation of the unified glow score (for interior locations), list of luminaires used, their number, dimensioned layout of the given space and also their regular illuminance, at the very least one 3D view of the room with illustration of incorrect colours.

Lighting Measurement
Lights measurements are made using adjusted determining tools. As soon as the values are determined, we develop a measurement record which includes all the info required pursuant
to EN 360011 for fabricated lighting or to EN 73 0580 for daylighting.

Calculation of Energy
as well as Financial Roi The prepared lights strategy will certainly also be accompanied by an estimation of power and also monetary roi. We will certainly also aid you formulate a compelling company proposal.

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